The MetalliQ addon brought to us by the fantastic developer OpenELEQ, is a truly unique and useful addon. By making use of already installed addons it provides an amazing new experience to finding not only Movies & TV Shows, but also Live TV Channels as well as Music!
Find what you want to watch via the MetalliQ addon, and a list of your installed addons pops up, that you can play it through.
Not only that, but it can even link to your Trakt account, making your lists available to you in the same way.
Hold on it gets better! The addon also integrates with your library making it easy to add either movies or TV shows from the addons own lists, or from your Trakt account even.
This is a truly superb addon.

Get the repo from either my source below or the official OpenELEQ source.
Watch the below video on how to get and install the repo:

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